Lucky Luna


Fact Sheet

Snowman from Toronto, Canada
Android, iOS
Release Date
Summer 2022
Press Inquiries
Andrew Schimmel

About the game

Outcast on a mysterious island in an unknown land, Luna wakes up dazed and aloneā€¦ In the distance ahead, a set of towering ruins dominate the skyline--beckoning her forward. Join Luna on a magical journey into the depths of hidden temples and secret dungeons. Dive as deep as you dare to unlock the mysteries of her past by conquering the trails ahead. Each level in Lucky Luna introduces new mechanics through its environmental features. The only catch? There's no jump button! Swipe to move Luna left and right in this vertical scrolling platformer as she plunges deeper and deeper into this enchanting and treacherous world. You'll have to take advantage of your surroundings and rely on your wits to reach what lies below.

About Snowman

Snowman is a small studio at the centre of artful experiences. Whether as a developer or creative partner, our goal has always been the same: to create meaningful experiences that you may sit with for a short time, but that sit with you for a long while. Founded in 2012 with the release of the to-do app Checkmark, we went on to launch Shifts, Circles, and Super Squares before collaborating with Harry Nesbitt on Alto's Adventure and Alto's Odyssey. In September 2019, Snowman released Where Cards Fall and Skate City exclusively on Apple Arcade which are now also available on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, The Epic Games Store, and Steam.

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